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Natalie and Luna.HEIC






Connecting animals and their humans holistically.


Natalie establishes a deep connection with each animal based on honesty and trust.  Her approach is genuine and sincere.  Her focus is always the whole animal.  She devotes great attention to detail on the relationship between the animal and the caregiver.  Natalie is very passionate about strengthening this bond and the understanding of one another.



Natalie is well known for her intuitive abilities to improve the lives of

animals and their humans.  She offers Equine bodywork, Equine Coaching for Wellness, Nutritional Wellness Consultations through muscle testing, Animal Communication, Chakra Balancing and Reiki Healings.



Natalie has been working with my mare Bliss for a little over 6 months. About 2 years ago, I think Bliss slipped on some ice and “Bambi-ed”. Or at least that’s my (and the vet’s) best guess. She seemed to recover well but became very unsure about having her hind feet picked up. Obviously, this has been problematic for my farrier and me. Over time, she’s become better for me and I can pick up her feet in the stall but nowhere else. Bliss also is very unsure of strangers—she has a pretty high sense of “stranger danger”. I originally asked Natalie to work with her for a couple of reasons: first to see if she had any residual issues from the slip, and more importantly to let Bliss know that someone other than me can touch her, and she can feel safe. We are now at a place where Bliss is very comfortable with Natalie, enjoying her massages, even to the point of having her hind feet picked up! And in fact this past week, I was able to clean packed snow out of her hind feet outside before coming into the barn. This is huge for her. And I give credit to Natalie for giving Bliss that extra confidence.

~Kelly, Belwood, Ontario

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