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Muscle testing is a technique used to
-assess diet and sensitivities
-find nutrient deficiencies 

-work through blocks with in the body
-assess organ function 
-determine mental well-being

-identify toxicity with in the body 


Muscle testing is a successful technique to eliminate and alleviate many conditions experienced by our pets today.  Anxiety, skin conditions, hoof help inlcuding laminitis and founder, vomiting, exhaustion, etc are all concerns today. Through the use of energetic muscle testing a program is developed to help the current "weak" or stressed areas become stronger and function optimally.  Nutritional consultations look deeply into how the animal's body is functioning; assesses diet, exercise, lifestyle and chronic conditions.


These session are usually done virtually.  An instruction sheet will be emailed to your email account once a session is purchased.  

Wellness Consultation through muscle testing

  • Nutritional Consulations do not replace veterinary care.  

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