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Dog Portrait

"Natalie’s connection with my girls Dancer and Heidi was so authentic and real, it brought me to tears (and goosebumps!). So much of what Natalie shared made connections to things from their past and confirmed for us a lot of what’s going on in the present; plus giving us extra information to dissect and understand for the future.

Natalie’s way of being and connecting to the horses is so pure and heart-centered that anyone should be comfortable and safe inviting her into the special bonds we share with our horses. ♥️ So much love and gratitude for the amazing opportunity to connect deeper with my girls. Thank you!"


Animal Communication Readings

Ever wondered what your animal is thinking?  Are you interested in what they would say to you or want you to know?

Readings are a great way to find out more about your animal.  Get to know them on a deeper level and create a stronger connection.  Animals communicate through the energetic field with images, feelings, emotions and thoughts.  They are able to share how they are feeling, what they like and dislike, what makes them happy and so much more.  Animals communicate beautifully.  They are so insightful and intelligent.  Readings allow messages to be received and sent.  This allows open communication between the animal and Natalie, leaving you, the caregiver, with a better sense of connection.  

Readings can be done with any animal. So whether you have a new animal in your life or a best friend that has been part of the family for years, a reading is a great way to deepen the relationship and understanding. 

$95 twenty minute session  (applicable taxes included CAD)    

$180 Full hour session (applicable taxes included CAD)    

Barn Readings are now available.

Contact Natalie for more information.

To order a reading please email a photo of your pet (alone with no other animals or people in the picture), name, age and gender to



Natalie Zoratto
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