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Healing Stones

Reiki, Healing and Balancing

Natalie has been practicing Reiki as a form of healing and connection for many years.  She is a Reiki Master. 


Reiki works to rebalance the universal energy.  All beings have universal life energy.  Reiki healing restores and strengthens the natural balance of this energy.  Reiki is beneficial for several health conditions/concerns as well as working to reopen and rebalance the chakras.  

Natalie works with and supports the animals to help with physical and emotional imbalances.  Common concerns of owners today are anxiety, aggression, joint support, digestion issues, colic and sensory sensitivities. 


Natalie also offers end of life transition sessions to help your companion crossover more peacefully without fear or worry.  These sessions are scheduled based on the condition and timing of the animal and their needs.  Often times as an animal is in their senior years or in a terminal state Natalie will support these animals through the days leafing up to the transition.    

Distance Healing $90/session per animal 

(CAD applicable taxes included) 


Reiki sessions also available for people.  

Please contact directly to book a session. 


Natalie Zoratto
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