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Balancing Rocks

Wellness Consultations
through Muscle testing

What is Muscle testing and what does it do?


Muscle testing is a technique used to 

  • assess diet and sensitivities

  • find nutrient deficiencies

  • check organ function 

  • determine mental well-being

Muscle testing has been a successful technique to eliminate and alleviate many conditions experienced by our pets today.  Anxiety, skin conditions, vomiting, exhaustion, etc are all concerns today. A program is developed to help the current weak areas become stronger and function optimally.  Nutritional consultations looks deeply into how the animal's body is functioning; assesses diet, exercise, lifestyle, and chronic conditions.  We are able to develop a program that will help your horse or pet begin the journey to wellness.  


Each program is approximately 6 weeks in duration, a follow up at 6 weeks is included with the Muscle Testing session fee.  (The follow up is often done over the phone)

$120 per Session (includes all applicable taxes)

(Excludes product/supplements and food costs)

Natalie Zoratto
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