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Animal Readings


To order a reading the following information can be sent to 


1. Name of pet

2. Age 

3. Gender

4. Current picture(s) of  the animal (Please make sure there aren't any other animals or people in the photo(s).

5.  Questions you have for the animal (these will be read near the end of the session and are not reviewed prior to this point in the session)


If your pet has passed please include a photo(s) taken close to their time of passing, you may, in addition, include a photo(s) from earlier times as well.  Also include the age at passing and the date of passing.  


Payment is required via etransfer to, online purchase or paid invoice prior to the session being completed.  


Readings are done in the order received.  If you feel your reading is an urgent matter please comment as such.  There may be an additional charge to have the reading complete on a more immediate timeline.  The majority of readings are currently being done as email readings.  Email readings are not pre-booked and are therefore able to be completed on a more efficient timeline.  A transcript from the reading will be sent once the reading is completed.  


Please note that at this time we are not able to accept missing pet cases.  


Thank you, I look forward to communicating with your animal and sharing with you.  


20 minute Session- Animal Communication Reading

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