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Barefoot Trimming

Barefoot Trimming is a style of non-invasive trimming that works to balance the horse's hooves to bare weight naturally.  By observing the way the hoof is growing, it can tell you a lot about the overall nutrition of the horse as well as if there are areas of discomfort. 

Often with new trimming clients there is a period of what would be considered rehabilitating the hoof and then developing into more of  a maintenance trim.  However horses who have correct angles with well connected walls, healthy frogs are often closer to a general maintenance trim.

Without hoof comfort you will always have different body aches and pains showing up as the body compensates for this, the same as the hooves compensate for body soreness.  Everything must be working together.  

Trims are done on a 4 week cycle.   $40/trim 

Natalie Zoratto
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